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Title Searches for Vacant Lots and Un-Developed Land

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Title Company Near You Explains Titles for Vacant Lots

Many people assume that they don’t need to worry about title searches and insurance when buying a piece of land. However, you should still find a reliable title company near you to carry out these tasks – even if the land is undeveloped.

As we mentioned in our previous post, Title Insurance Myth Busting, even if you are planning to build your own brand new house on an undeveloped plot, that piece of land still has its own history of ownership and chain-of-title, even if nothing was built there. So performing a thorough title search and purchasing title insurance is still a necessity.

Here are some common discoverable title hazards that can arise with vacant lots and undeveloped land:

1. Zoning Restrictions
Even empty plots come with their limitations. Along with a survey of the land, a title search can reveal zoning restrictions, covenants, and subdivisions that may not be listed in the sales contract or deed.

A proper survey will also tell you exactly what the acreage of the property is. Using this survey, your real estate attorney can then provide you with title insurance that covers the full legal description of your land.

2. Road Access
If your property is in a rural or semi-rural area, you may need to know more about which roads provide access to it. A professional title search should uncover any road access easements that neighbors may have against your property – allowing them to use your road to access their own property.

While you may not be able to prevent or remove a road access easement, you’ll want to know about these before you purchase a property and title insurance. Similarly, your property might not have its own road, in which case you’ll need to know about your easement to use your neighbor’s road!

Another road access issue that needs to be addressed is whether or not you can build additional roads on your land, and whether or not you are permitted to bring heavy-duty vehicles onto these roads when construction begins. A title search can identify these potential issues before you commit to buying the property.

3. Utility Easements
Like a road access easement, your vacant lot may also have a utility easement on part of the property. While this may not affect your decision to buy the land, it’s best to know about any easements before constructing your home. Furthermore, your attorney can then provide a title insurance policy that covers any potential damage caused by the utility company if they need to access your property.

4. Liens and Taxes
Even undeveloped lots can have liens and taxes against them. A title search will uncover any outstanding debts against the property, after which you can decide whether or not to buy, and determine what kind of title insurance policy you’ll need.

So, even when it comes to vacant land, you still need to perform a title search, and you still need to purchase title insurance. Contact Florida Home Title Company today for more information about title searches and insurance for vacant or undeveloped plots.