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Choosing a Title Company to Represent You During Closing

choosing a title company

Choosing a Title Company for Closing

Choosing a title company for your real estate transaction is about more than who’ll be doing your title search or organizing your title insurance contracts. The right title company can offer multiple services, and can be incredibly beneficial during the closing process.

What Can a Title Company Do During Closing?
A title company with highly skilled staff can offer more than just title insurance or title search services. If your chosen company has staff who are trained in real estate law – like those at Florida Home Title Company – they can help with every step of the closing procedure.

An attorney-run title company can help prepare and check your paperwork, ensure that you have all the right documentation, and walk you through signing. They can explain any legalese and jargon you may not understand, and spot any errors or problems with your contracts before you sign.

What to Look for in a Title Company
Depending on your needs as a homebuyer or real estate agent, opting for an attorney-operated title company is a smart decision. But how do you know what to look for in a title company? Here are some pointers:

Licensing – You’ll want a title company that is licensed to operate in the area where you’ll be purchasing your real estate. A valid title company license is a necessity, and ensures that your title company is compliant and up-to-date with your state’s title insurance laws and practices. A full service title company will not only help realtors and clients who are buying a property, but also those looking to sell. Furthermore, an attorney-run company like Florida Home Title Company will have expert knowledge of local real estate law too.

Legal Expertise – As we’ve mentioned before, a title company with legal expertise can provide more services than a regular title company without this training. This can streamline the closing process, as you can consult your title company on a variety of issues – from tailoring your title insurance to account for certain hazards, to ensuring that your mortgage contracts are complete and accurate. Why pay for a title company and an attorney separately when you can have the best of both?

Experience – You need a title company that is established in that area, with many years of experience handling title searches, insurance policies, and real estate closing transactions. A knowledgeable title company will be able to spot mistakes, forgeries, and problems with your title, deed, contracts, and supporting documents.

Personalized Service – Choose a company that is known for friendly customer service. There’s nothing more off-putting than a title company that doesn’t answer or return calls, or that treats its clients like an after-thought. Buying a property is a life-changing decision, and you need a title company that can communicate complex legal jargon and procedures in an accessible manner.

If you are looking to buy or sell a home, or are a real estate looking to find the best title company for your clients, contact Florida Home Title Company today for more information about our services and skills.