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Hidden Title Hazards

If you are closing on a real estate deal but the title company has not done a thorough job throughout the process, the whole deal could fall apart. There are always hidden title hazards and you want to make sure you go with a title company who is proactive, knowledgeable and experienced, like the staff at Florida Home Title Company.

We understand the stress that is involved when selling and purchasing real estate. These transactions could be the single largest deal that a person is involved in, so you need a title company who will treat it with the importance it deserves, while making it easy and stress free for you. You also need a title company who will do their due diligence and identify most possible hazards before they pop up unexpectedly.

However, even when all the hard work has gone into a title search and an examination, there are always risks of potential unforeseen items impacting the real estate transaction. That is why acquiring title insurance is so important to protect yourself against any unforeseen situations.

One of these hidden title hazards that could emerge after closing is if a signature on a deed is found to be a forgery. A forged signature will mean that the transfer of property ownership is not valid. Forging a deed is also a felony in the third degree.

Another hidden title hazard that could emerge after closing is when an unknown heir of a previous owner emerges, claiming ownership of the property. Unfortunately, this sudden arrival of someone claiming to own the property could impact your real estate transaction.

When there are instruments executed under an expired or fabricated power of attorney, this could also impact your real estate transaction, as could any previous mistakes in public records. Unfortunately, these types of hidden title hazards can pop up regardless of the work done beforehand. These risks are risks of the title company and you do not need to be concerned about them if you have title insurance.

Florida Home Title Company will be able to explain to you the value of having title insurance to protect against these, and other, unexpected issues that could impact your real estate deal after the closing.