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Realtors – Choose Your Title Company Wisely

choosing a title company

Choosing a Title Company: A Realtor’s Perspective

If you’re a realtor debating whether or not to use a title company, or choosing a title company to work with, then look no further. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of all the benefits of working with a title company, and how to find the right title company for your real estate business.

Title Searches
While technically anyone can perform a title search at their local county courthouse, the process is more involved than simply finding the files or documents you’re looking for.

Title searches require certain expertise and experience. Titles are complex legal documents that are not always written in plain English. They may include clauses, additions, and special encumbrances that you won’t find in your standard title or deed. If records have been poorly kept or organized, there may also be important documents missing from the chain-of-title, or forged or incorrect records.

This is why it’s beneficial to have a professional title company perform your title search: a trained eye will be able to pick up on mistakes and hazards that a layperson may miss. At Florida Home Title Company, we are attorney owned and operated, therefore we have the legal expertise, making it easier to understand the technical jargon contained in the titles and accompanying documents.

Title Insurance
Not only can a title company perform a thorough title search for you, but also handle the title insurance for your real estate transaction. By using the same company to do both tasks, you streamline the entire process – mitigating the chance of mistakes or confusion, and saving your clients’ time and money.

Again, because we are an attorney-run title company, we have the legal expertise to draft contracts and documents, and talk your clients through their title insurance policies.

Peace of Mind
By hiring an attorney-run title company, you have an extra pair of highly-skilled eyes to double check all your hard work.

At Florida Home Title Company, our legal expertise means that we are also able to help with the closing process, drafting and witnessing of documents, refinancing, and contract negotiations.

What to Look for in a Title Company
So, what criteria should you consider when choosing a title company to partner with your real estate business?

  • Experience – Find a company that is well-established and has many years of experience in the field of title and real estate law. An accomplished title company will have seen a little bit of everything in its time, and will know what to look out for when dealing with certain types of title searches or contracts. We have been in existence since 1993 and our owner, Attorney Gary I Handin, has been practicing Law for 46 years.
  • Local knowledge – More often than not, you want to hire a company that is based in the area where you operate your real estate business. Not only is this more convenient for you and your clients, but your title company should have in-depth knowledge of local real estate law. In Florida, for example, which parties are expected to pay for the lender’s and owner’s policies varies from county to county. An established title company can guide your clients and ensure a legitimate property sale with their local expertise. At Florida Home Title Company, we are licensed state-wide and can thus operate in any county in Florida.
  • Friendly service – An important and oft-forgotten part of any real estate or title transaction is fantastic customer service. Look for a title company with good online reviews, or that has a loyal clientele.

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